Guides and Resources

The Bermuda Zoological Society has loads of resources to help you on get out and explore Bermuda's natural environments. Some of these resources are available on our website, and many others are available through our on site library. Contact us for more information.

Resources Available Online:

  • Bermuda Habitat Guides by Martin Thomas
  • Field Guides to Various Sites in Bermuda
  • Other Various Publications

Bermuda Natural History Library

The Natural History Museum Science Library is located at BAMZ and is the island’s repository for all information related to Bermuda’s biodiversity, ecology, habitats and species. The Bermuda Natural History Bibliography is a library computer database, which contains well over 5,000 references, including all BBSR Contributions (papers published through the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences). Most of these papers are readily accessible as hard copies or pdfs. Particularly exciting is the growing number of papers, over 250, published under the umbrella of the Bermuda Biodiversity Project. Books, journals, scientific papers, and newspaper stories relevant to Bermuda are constantly being published on a daily basis, but the search goes on for missing or new items. It is the library’s role to locate this information, store and disseminate it. You can visit the Library by appointment or request materials by contacting the Librarian Alison Green at

The library information is held as physical, photographic and digital library catalogues.

Visit our OPAC (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) to search our catalogues.