Funding the Future

Our mission is to inspire appreciation and care of island environments such as our island home in Bermuda’s youth – after all, they will be the ones to inherit it – and to leave the island’s ecosystem in the best shape we can. However, all of this requires investment in our island home, which we can only manage with your support.

There are so many ways in which you can help us in our mission and secure that feel-good factor to boot! Here are some of the programmes that could benefit from your support:

Trunk Island Living Classroom

Our flagship educational initiative is the Living Classroom on Trunk Island. Here the island’s youth and educators can experience Bermuda’s ecosystems and biology first hand: taking what they’ve learnt on paper and applying it to real life.

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BZS Education

We've heard it said again and again: children are the future. Of course, just because it's a cliché, doesn't mean it isn't true. Only by sharing our knowledge and wisdom with the next generation can we hope to set our local environment and ecosystems up for success in the future

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BZS Micro Forest Project

The effects of climate change can seem insurmountable and irreversible, leaving many of us feeling helpless to make a difference. That's where Bermuda's #BZSMicroForest project comes in: creating dense pockets of jungle, designed to halt some of the effects of climate change and deforestation around the world.

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