BZS Schools' Programme

Give your students every opportunity for subject mastery by incorporating BZS Education Classes in your lesson plans. BZS provides interactive, hands-on science classes for more than 8,000 children and young people every year with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable BZS educators. Our classes utilises best practice in science and STEM pedagogy and included high levels of Scientific Inquiry such as guided and open inquiry. Students construct their knowledge through investigations, engineering design, or PBL approaches.

Lessons include a pre-lesson to be completed before the field trip and most also have a post-lesson for after the field trip. This enhances the learning by integrating the field trip into your unit. All lessons are written in the 5 E learning cycle format and align with Cambridge Standards, as well as other curriculum including IB, AP, and the UK Creative Curriculum. We emphasize the building of science and engineering practices from NGSS, so students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. See below for our 10 Science and Engineering Practices:

Classes must be booked at least two weeks in advance.  Free transportation on our bus or boat is available for booked classes or field trips. And thanks to the generosity of BZS donors, all our school programmes are absolutely free of charge for all Bermudian schools. 

Many schools and organizations prefer to build a STEM Package that can include several classes from our GASS Programme (Generating Academic Success in Science), Living Classroom programme, Ocean Ed programme, or Natural History classes. Contact us to build a custom STEM package. 

  • GASS classes are a more standard based and content/science practices focused course with best practices in science teaching. 

  • Our Living Classroom classes include an outdoor component typically with a field trip to Trunk or other field sites. While the Living Classroom courses are standard based and content/science practices focused, they include more of the stewardship/conservation and a connection with our local environment than GASS.

  • Ocean Education focuses on lessons and activities to learn about our local Bermuda Blue Backyard. These lessons do not typically connect with standards and emphasize stewardship/conservation and a connection with our local environment. 

  • Natural History classes include specific animal classes and our very popular Bermuda Beginnings class.